Bespoke logo and branding for small start ups

With 10 years experience in graphic design, I have created logos for many small businesses and start ups, including a subsidiary of the BBC back in 2010 called Bcoms. 

It's quite easy these days to create generic logo's using the simple online tools and websites that are available for free (or small fee), but getting a personalised authentic logo and branding theme for your business can be difficult, especially if you have no graphic design experience. 

I have a degree in creative arts in Photography, which gave me a strong understanding of colour meaning, composition, and most importantly, how to invoke the right emotions, message and vision that your company want to emanate.  

My logo and branding packs begin with brainstorming ideas, I will mock up 2 vision boards for you to choose from and then jump straight into creating a Logo that represents you and your brand.

Throughout the process you can see my progress and keep giving me your ideas as we go. The final logo design will come complete with PDF files of your logo in colour and black and white, the graphics as a separate image so they can be used on banners, letterheads and social media, and also the font file, so you can use the logo font on any business correspondence if you wish. 

This process is truly bespoke and can take a few days or weeks to complete, depending on our ideas as they change and mature. I charge one flat fee of £89 to be paid once we have chosen a vision board to work from. I aim to complete within a week however I will not rush the process if you are not happy. 

The images on this page are an example of a vision board, final logo and the branding pack, and are not to be used or sold.